Group Synergy

Mizuda Group has practiced the concept of green development, transformation and technological innovation for more than 20 years. Regarding solid waste management, the Group has formed five waste management industrial sectors, including domestic waste-to-energy solutions, agricultural waste disposal, industrial solid waste (hazardous waste) disposal, integrated waste management, kitchen & food waste disposal, and sludge disposal. This integrated solid waste management platform created benefits Mizuda Green greatly in its mission to lead a resource revolution towards a greener economic future.




• 2014 CSR excellence award for operational transparency
•China Well-known Trademark
•China Top Brand
•China's Export Exemption
•Top Export Brand Name in China
•Zhejiang Province green business
•Freeman Award of China Quality Inspection
•Top 100 private enterprises in Zhejiang Province
•Top 500 Private Enterprises Manufacturing in China
•Leading Enterprise of Zhejiang Province in Industry